Time flies! The last litter of Belgian Malinois Pups are now 6 weeks old, and the owners have shared glowing reports of how they are growing. Deb and Iris are working on agility, where Iris has been a superstar learner! Jet and Robin are enjoying the Louisiana winter, and Jet has become great friends with grandson, Harrison! Young Mal is becoming handsomer each day, and Marc reports he’s doing awesome with fitting in with their older German Shepherd. Happy Disco is learning to paddle board and loves long walks on the hiking trails with Steve and Lily. Sweet Lagatha is a loving soul, and Patrice shares she is so happy she is there. Ibby is enjoying the Maine winters with Laura and learning foundation agility. Gia is here from Virginia and learning some foundations as well.

Rainessence La Peregrina Grit and Glamour, AKC Belgian Malinois