We are now three weeks old, and we’ve found our voices. Our eyes are open and we are seeing the world for the first time. So far, much of what we see are our siblings, and the whelping box, but one by one, we are being transported to different environments within the house. Mom is still feeding us, but today, a few of us were curious and tasted the yummy stuff in her bowl. Soon, we will be eating on our own, but it’s early yet…

We also have pretty new collars. Now you can tell us apart, although we think we look quite different from each other, humans may not see those quite as easily. We’ve tried to scratch them off, but so far, they are staying on.

We’ve had two mani-pedi’s so far. The human thinks our nails grow quite quickly.

Mom is spending a bit less time with us and we are starting to interact and play with each other. Boy, we can make some noise! But as quickly as we get started, we just as quickly crash and fall asleep. Hey, don’t blame us, we are puppies!